School Governor Visits 'With such little slack in our current school system, these kinds of meetings often happen in what i call the 'margins of time.' Getting the most out of link governor visits. 

Teach Primary

July 2023

Ofsted: time to press the mute button 'So for those reporting on Ofsted inspections in local newspapers, I ask that you change your tune. With so many well-attested flaws in the system are you amplifying something that is causing damage to your local communities?' 

East Anglia Bylines 

May 2023

Teachers live in fear of Ofsted's punitive inspections 'Teachers across the country are speaking out about the inpact of inconsistent processes, unpredictable inspectors and the starin of waiting weeks, months and years for an inspection to be announced.' 

The Guardian 

March 2023

When is sharing not caring? 'What you value in your classroom will seep through to the children. If the art materials are dished out willy-nilly and are in a poor state, then there is a message that the children will pick up on. Why is drawing inferior to writing?'

Teach Primary 

January 2023

Black Friday - Green Friday 'There is abundance to be found within diversity.' Rebellion against Black Friday madness, half-marathon running and Double Deckers.  

The Green Runners

December 2022

Go outdoors 'We're clear that the outdoors and nature are essential ingredients in a child's education, but why does this peter out as our children get older?' 

Teach Secondary

November 2022

Edgy: Behaviour management - try tinkering around the edges.. 'You can’t really say it’s a success when this was not the group that needed the system in the first place'...

Headteacher Magazine

October 2022

Circle of twigs and seeds

Keynote: SEND Leadership Conference, Inspiration SEND Network

Thursday 20th October, 2022

Inspiration Teaching School Hub, Hall Road, Norwich, NR1 2RN

Rebecca will be speaking about building viability into your systems

Warming soup with ladle

Warm Banks: Ahead of what promises to be a tough winter for disadvantaged families, Rebecca Leek examines the practicalities of turning your school into a vital centre for local support.

Teach Secondary Magazine and TeachWire online

September 2022

Pencils and envelope

The Perfect Hire: Kindness and the final million dollar question - uncommon ways to hire the perfect Assistant Headteacher. 

Headteacher Magazine and  Teach Co online.

September 2022

Heart shaped word cloud of love in many languages

EAL strategies and embracing the advantages of multilingual learners: Rebecca Leek explains how students with EAL can be taught well by differentiating without differentiating.

Teach Secondary Magazine and TeachWire online

August 2022