Child's hand with new green shoot growing in soil

Our Permaculture Life with Morag Gamble

Rebecca speaks with Morag Gamble on how the permaculture framework can be applied to holistic organisational leadership and how it can help grow healthy schools and school partnerships. 

Running Tales Podcast - Running out of time Climate Relay

This one's about running. And saving the planet. 

June 2023

Rethinking Ed - Ofsted and all that

Where I talk with James Mannion about the ethics in inspections, discrimination, second-guessing and ideas for Ofsted reform. 

Bonfire with two empty seats in the foreground

ASCL Primary Podcast Christmas Special

Christmas (Solstice) special - navigating nativities, staying calibrated, curriculum and confidence in diverse offerings, and solstice bonfires. 

Well Schools Podcast

Rebecca speaks about leading with love, what makes a primary education worth it, every child and every person's worth, and how to lead with a clear vision, authentically. 

ASCL Primary Podcast

An exploration of ways of observing, insights from lockdown, school improvement essentials, and putting permaculture principles into action.

The Teachers' Podcast: Maintaining Balance in Primary Schools

Supportive cultures, recognising difference, innovating and stabilising, technology, workload and wellbeing.